Tax Advice Planner Canberra

To provide our clients with a complete review of their financial position an important facet is to consider their overall tax position. For example, what is the impact on a sale of an investment? Is the client’s current tax structure suitable for their needs? Is there an opportunity to restructure and minimise the overall family tax outlay?

One of our unique differentiators is that one of our senior financial planners, Suzanne McIntosh, is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years as a tax adviser to both individuals and small business enterprises.

Our taxation strategies can range from how to utilise capital gains tax concessions to salary sacrificing to analysing the most appropriate tax structure to hold your investments.

If your income is in excess of $80,000 and you are considering purchasing an investment in your own name you could be missing out on some tax minimisation strategies.

Accounting advice is provided by Tribe Strategic Accountants Pty Ltd, Tax Agent Number 36959015

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