Everyone has different needs and has had different experiences surrounding financial matters.
If you are in pursuit of expert advice to seek better understanding and clarity of your financial affairs we can help.

Shield Wealth offers financial coaching and planning around your important transitions in life.

Examples of common life transitions include “midlife” where you are likely to be concerned with income security, debt levels, and possibly concerns with aging parents and the financial needs of your children.

In comparison, the later stage “empty nesters” are mainly concerned with increased disposable income, possible changes in residence and refocusing on their retirement.

There may be also sudden unplanned life transitions. Issues arising out of divorce include inventory of assets, managing day to day financial concerns and superannuation splitting.

If you lost your job, how would you manage the settlement and subsequent tax issues?

Or more happily, an unexpected inheritance may see you dealing with lifestyle changes, asset management and possible disposal of assets and tax implications.

Shield Wealth can help you:

  • Set realistic goals around life transition events
  • Choose appropriate tax strategies, platforms, asset allocation and products
  • Reach your desired outcomes at each life stage
  • Plan for you or your loved ones in Aged Care Advice

Who is the Shield Wealth Team?

The Shield Wealth Team